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Chaff cutting at Gratwick's farm, Glencoe, 1915
Background L-R W Noolan, AE Gratwick, SW McRostie,W Holloway, G Bennett, J Burston, A McIntosh
Strawberry picking. Glencoe. 1920
Mr McRostie was known to be growing a crop producing about 2,000lbs of strawberries per year 
Cutting grass hay on Byrne property, Glencoe 1925
J Byrne
Six horse team carting potatoes from Glencoe to Mt Gambier, 1903
Those employed in photo: Mick Auld, Archie Menzies, Feather Hughes,
Albert Widdison, Ted Widdison, driver Eric Cameron  
Steam engine & thresher, Glencoe 1914
Roy Kennedy, Alex Dow, William Hillyer, Thomas Kennedy 
John McInnes, early Glencoe Butcher. 1920 
Rabbit exterminator at work in the Glencoe district, 1922  Ploughing at Holloway farm, Glencoe, 1918
HS Holloway, TF Gratwick 
Carting sheaved hay for stacking on Byrne's property,
Glencoe 1925 
Ploughing, Burston property, Glencoe 1940's 
Sid Burston, Sylvester Bonney, & daughter Roma Bonney
Carting milk in cans to the cheese factory
Ron Mullan, 1940's 
Early form of transport
Jim Agars, Yvonne Agars, 1945 
Pushing loose hay to a stack using a bean truck.
Don Dow's farm, 1940's 
Stacking loose grass for silage on Don Dow's farm with the use of an elevator.
Nev Bignell, Jack Dow, Ern Rees, John Dow. 1948 
Formation of a loose haystack with use of horse and trolley and a push rake
Agar's farm, 1949 
Stationary hay press, Agar's property, 1950
Ron Mullan, Reg Mullan, Jim Agars, Barry Mullan, Brian Agars, Peter Agars, Yvonne Agars 
Loose hay stacking with the use of a push rake, Agar's farm, 1950
Brian Agars, Ron Mullan, Darryl Morrish, Jim Agars, Reg Mullan 
Stacking loose hay with the use of a horse operated hay lift. Agar's farm.
Glencoe west, 1952 
Horse and trolley corner Woolshed and Burston Roads. Glencoe 1947
Regular scene in wet years. George Matheson returning from milk factory 
The flax season of 1941-42
Truck belonging to Jack A Dow 
Accident. Stan Medhurst's trolley on Woolshed Rd. Loss of wheel. 1940's  Gilbert Ferguson cutting oats with a binder near  Bluff Range, Glencoe, 1940's 
Ron Mullan with converted buckboard, Glencoe 1940's
In the back, Val Mullan, Barry Mullan 
Threshing on Ern Case's farm
Glencoe 1930's 
Milking cows in Ron Mullan's dairy, 1950
Ron Mullan was first dairy farmer in Glencoe to convert his dairy to a herringbone system during the early 1950's 
Limestone quarry on Auld property, Glencoe.
Stone from this quarry was used to build many early buildings in Glencoe when under the ownership of W Young 
Austin truck, a replacement vehicle from the horse & trolley, for carting milk to the cheese factory, Ron Mullan farm, Glencoe, 1950's  Can wash-up area. Glencoe co-op cheese factory, 1950's
Barry Mullan 
Dow farm dairy, Glencoe East, 1940's
John Dow 
Saw dust from Clement's saw mill, Glencoe West. Agar's farm, 1952 
Saw dust from Clement's saw mill, Glencoe West. 1952  Carting Loose hay. Glencoe 1940's
Eric Childs, Vic Vogan 
Vic Vogan carting milk to the cheese factory, Glencoe 1940's  Loose hay stacks. Eric Child's farm, Glencoe 1940's 
Digging potatoes, Glencoe 1906. Riddoch Bros.
John Riddoch, Joe Riddoch, Jim Riddoch
First store at the homestead end at Glencoe was built and operated by FG Burton & Co in 1905. situated just west and slightly behind the present day store.
Tom Savill, Tom Gratwick, Bob Gratwick, Horrie Bignell, Bill Meyers
1st store built at Glencoe on the factory corner on land owned by Mr SJ Norris. opened by Messrs Edward & Goode, storekeepers of Mt Gambier in 1902. Shop burnt down in 1907
         New commodious business premises of Mr FG Burton erected in King Edward St. opened 1908, replacing the wood & iron store & post office. This stood on the corner where the present shop now stands. Glencoe railway  terminus during busy period 1910
Mr FG Burton's new store with the addition of a verandah.
Sam McMahon, Kelly Young, Watty Sims, Albert Widdison, ?, Jack Burston, Reverend Bald, ?
View of Glencoe West looking west from Church hill 1952
View looking east from Presb Church hill 1952. now Glencoe Central Primary school Glencoe Shearers quarters purchased for the purpose of a hall 1911
Committee at the opening of Glencoe District hall 1912
PS Mitchell, John Holloway, Hughie Cameron, FA Telfer
WD Mitchell, John Livingstone MHR, Malcolm Cameron, John Watson, GF Ferguson
Official opening of Glencoe District hall 1912
showing the first car in the district owned by WGH Sporer.
Building next to the hall is a bakery built & operated by Mr Badenoch of Tantanoola 1905
Campsite during construction of railway 1904 Campsite during construction of railway 1904
(standing) ?, Tyner sn, William Widdison
(sitting) ?, ?,?, ?, ? , ?, Ted Widdison, Dan Baker, William Medhurst, ? Tyner Jn
Train from Glencoe  to Mt Gambier loaded with 20 trucks of potatoes 1905 First train to leave Glencoe for Mt Gambier 1904
Train to Glencoe for official opening of the G to Mt G railway carrying Parliamentarians & dignitaries 1904 Parliamentarians & dignitaries gathered for the official opening of the railway
Commisioner of works, hon Joseph Vardon, addressing children of Glencoe & Tarqua schools on the arrival of first train 1904 Hay loaded on the train for drought relief 1930's
Train from Glencoe West going through Glencoe cutting 1930's Glencoe train at Malla siding 1904
Loading railway trucks 1930's Glencoe terminus looking east 1930's
Glencoe terminus looking west 1930's Stacks of grain, station yard, Glencoe  railway terminus 1930's
Last train to leave Glencoe from Mt Gambier at Kirip railway siding 1st July 1957 Painting of Glencoe Homestead displaying portion of homestead most lived in by the occupants, as the main part of the building was never completely furnished & considered unfit to live in
Picnic party at Lake Leake 1890 Picnic party at Lake Leake 1890
Tarqua Waterhole near Glencoe, once used as a sheep wash
WM Mitchell & Sons, PS Mitchell & WD Mitchell carting wood 1898
Swimming at the Tarqua Waterhole near Glencoe 1910
Glencoe fishermen at Lake Leake. 1905. John Burston, William Medhurst, James Medhurst, ? Mann, Dan Baker Glencoe Sports & Recreation ground, adjacent  to the hall 1910
Recreaction ground was set aside for New Years day & Roman Catholic sports days, cricket & football matches  1910 Glencoe  Sports & recreation ground, 1910
Glencoe Rifle club 1910.
Oswald Sporer sitting on right b.1882  d.1940
Glencoe Rifle club 1935
(stand) Charlie Northen, Mervyn Blackmore, Claude Leader, Jack Dow, Lewis Koop, Ian Mitchell, Will Northen, Ron Telfer
(front) J  Dignan, Cec Woodward, Bob Agnew
Fishing Tarqua Lagoon 1950's
Fred Hunter, Barry Mullan
Glencoe Sports & Recreation ground, 1910
Tarqua House    
  Albert Easton, potato digging at Mitchell's, Glencoe West 1908   Property of Ellen & Albert Easton, Ryan Rd, Glencoe  purchased 1910. House built 1912, dismantled 1952, part sec 426 Hd Hindmarsh
  Ellen & Albert Easton with grand daughter Vina and their daughter Rene 1944   Former home of Elizabeth & Alf Case, and Coral & Ron Bignell, Burston Rd. Property purchased in 1975 by present owners Janice & Harold Weedon. Originally a shepherd's cottage. Dismantled 1984.
  Former home of the Agnew family and Cic family, opp Kirip railway siding. property purchased 2004 by Lynda & Wayne Field. Originally a cottage for workers on outstation for the leakes & Riddochs. One of the oldest homes in the area still being occupied in 2012   Original home of Adelaide & William Widdison & family, Woolshed Rd. Glencoe. Purchased 1904. Owned by the family to 1984. Later owned by Wayne Field 1989-2004
  Mervyn Blackmore & his truck. Albert Easton on top of hay & his son, Les Easton at truck door. mid 1950's   Debutantes at Glencoe Public Hall 26/4/1957
Back L-R Vina Easton, Joy McCarthy, Yvonne Hunter, Barbara Kennedy
Front:: Josephine Aslin, Maureen Kennedy, Maureen Widdison
  Vina Easton on fire lookout Tower at top of Bluff 1960.   Ray Easton at Glencoe East Cheese factory mid 1960's,  feeding large slabs of curd into a milling machine. Employed at the factory for 46 years.
  Ferguson tractor & horwood bagshaw super spreader driven by Wayne Field at Woolshed Rd Property 1990 Miniature Debutante Ball.   May19th 1961 
Presented to Mr. & Mrs A.C. Hookings
3 sets of Twins started together in grade 1, and all finished school together at Glencoe School  in 1958
Rear:: Douglas & Gilbert Agnew.
Front From Left:; Megan & Marilyn Williams, Raelene & Gaie Easton

From top:: Albert Easton, his son  Ray Easton.
Bottom::  Mary & Tom Easton. 1953
Glencoe Methodist Young Mens club  1928    
  GUNN    PHOTO'S    
 James Gunn
 Born March 25th 1864. Died 1958
 Father of Ronald, Frank,
 Donald, Mabel & Vera.
Emily Gunn (nee Nash)
Wife of James Gunn
Born February 20th 1868
Died 1922 at Glencoe
Home of Ronald & Dorothy Gunn.
(nee Holland) Marshall Road
Donald and Ronald Gunn.
Ron was the operator  of the
pictures at the Glencoe Hall
Ron Gunn in cart with neighbour Isaac
Sims at pigsty on Fern-dale farm.
Ron Gunn sewing bags at the thresher.
He was one of the fastest bag sewers in the South East
Mabel, Vera And Donald Gunn Ron Gunn's daughters Mavis and Lorna
Lorna and Mavis Gunn. 1st Prize winners in end of year, school
competition at Glencoe School
Glencoe Debutante Ball  1946.
Standing::  Dawn Wilkinson (Widdison), Mavis
Gunn, (Edgcumbe), June Wilkinson (Matthews)
Sitting:: Nola Guerin, Ruth MacCarthy, Eileen
Phelan, (Considine) Betty Marshall.
Ronald in V.D.C. uniform .  ( Volunteer Defence Corps)
During  WW2.
Army training and manoeuvers held on his property at Kangaroo Flat Road, Glencoe.
Property in 2013 owned by Ruth & Dale Price.


Ron Gunn and his old Dodge Buck Board. A resident of Glencoe 1919- 1952.
Gunn Family
Back :Don, ( married Rose Northen) Ron (married Dorothy Holland) and Frank Gunn.
Middle::  Mabel (laier) & Vera (married Patrick Byrne)
Sitting:: James Gunn
Walter Balshaw
Lived in Glencoe 1940"s
Married Lorna Gunn
Mavis and Lorna Gunn with their Aunt
Ellen Easton